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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bus Drivers in Marseille object to Tight Trousers

Workers go on strike for the obvious reasons -- higher wages, shorter working days, more perks etc.

But here’s an unusual reason that will make you smile - bus drivers from Marseille are going on strike because they don’t like their uniforms.
They say the trousers are too tight, the color is similar to the police uniforms and that they look like clowns in their new outfit.

 The walk out planned for June 3 should be interesting to follow.
 Will the 1,600 public transport workers give the 48 hour warning decreed by the last government?
 Will the workers defy management and wear the old uniforms?

Marseille is France’s second city, busiest during the summer, the height of the tourist season so hopefully management will listen to the discontented workers.

You can’t help wondering though why the workers weren’t consulted in the first place. Even the color of the shirts has been changed – from yellow to lavender.

That, though did not provoke too many complaints; it was mostly the manner in which the decisions were made.

 The right to strike

 According to French laws, all employees have the right to strike. All employees can stop work to show their disagreement, or request improvements to their working conditions.

Workers in France are notorious about going on strike. Between 2005 and 2009, 1,0000 workers went on strike for a period of 132 days.
And residents in Marseille will remember the strike in 2010 when the city was crippled by strike action with tons of waste piled up on the streets.

 A uniform policy for employees is a seemingly mundane subject when compared to Government reform to pensions, the reason for the 2010 strike, but nevertheless a collective agreement on dress code is not unreasonable.

What does the new uniform’s designer think?
Jonathan Charles defended his creation saying that the workers already looked like clowns in their old uniforms.


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