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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Preventing Obesity Begins at Home

Adult obesity rates are not looking good. Obesity continues to increase and has now become a worldwide health problem.  The disorder can be controlled, however, once we decide to make lifestyle changes and stick to them.

According to Cancer Research UK, obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer in the UK after smoking.  The American Medical Association classes obesity as a disease, associated mostly with our eating habits.  Granted, the Government has increased taxes and levies on specific food in most countries, but in the end, it’s up to us to make changes at home.

To avoid the epidemic from spreading and for our family’s good health, we need to tackle the weight problem in the early stages before it gets out of hand. That means changing our lifestyle habit especially our diet.

As parents and caretakers, we can curb obesity at home.

Being obese means you are overweight. Put simply, you are moving too little and carrying too much body fat.   Excess fat is something the body does not like. Researchers show that obesity can result in type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and a string of other complicated health issues. More seriously obesity is now linked to certain cancers including breast and bowel cancer.

Why is obesity increasing?
  •        As food and soft drinks have become cheaper and more convenient  over the years, we are eating more of it; our bodies are ingesting more salt intake, more processed food, and more sugar in sweeteners and soft drinks.
  •    With our busy lifestyle eating out in restaurants has increased and we tend to have more meals on the go.
  •     We’re not finding enough time to exercise.

So what can we do to fix the problem?
  •    Educate and promote healthy eating habits at home

An obese child will most likely become an obese adult.   Parents have a strong influence on children’s wellbeing so setting an example when they are young will help maintain a healthy weight for later on. Do this by encouraging healthy habits, removing high sugar and fat content and more especially explaining what a balanced diet means.
Indian vegetarian cuisine is  varied and savory *

  •          Cut down on meat, stock up more on vegetables and learn to appreciate the richness and diversity of vegetarian cuisine. Indian cuisine is a fine example of how cooking with vegetables can be colorful, varied and savory.

  •  Limit TV viewing, computers, and electronic games 

If we’re spending too much sitting and watching the screen, it means we are not getting enough exercise. Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) reports that 40% of adults do not participate in leisure activities.

Worrying too is the effect on children. Technology is great, but it can also be extremely damaging when it comes to the health of our children. Researchers showed that children who watched television for more than one hour a day were 52% more likely to be overweight than their schoolmates who watched less TV,

Curbing obesity should be every one’s responsibility today and every day. What’s needed more than anything is to make sure everyone is aware of the risk factors involved when we become overweight and obese.

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