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Putting together this book was motivating, uplifting and fun.

Are you interested in healthy living?
Do want to know more about olive oil and its health benefits and why people are talking about the  Mediterranean diet?

Then you should read 7 Wonders and use it as a reference.


The Seven Wonders of olive oil

In the groundbreaking book The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil, olive oil experts Alice Alech and Cécile Le Galliard combine in-depth research by internationally renowned doctors, nutritionists, chefs, and other specialists to uncover the benefits behind the miracle ingredient olive oil.
 Their research has led them to discover how olive oil naturally:
  •          Slows Alzheimer’s Disease
  •          Reduces the Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks
  •         Strengthens Bones
  •        Works as an Anti-Inflammatory
  •         Reduces the Risk of Diabetes
  •         Kills Cancer Cells
  •         Protects, Rejuvenates, and Beautifies Your Skin
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Praise for The Seven WonderS of olive oil


The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil is one of the best books I’ve read! The authors do an excellent job of educating the reader on the history, biochemical characteristics, and production of olive oil. The chapter on cancer prevention was fascinating to me as a practicing oncologist. Most important, this book is evidence-based, well referenced, and scientifically sound. Belongs in everyone’s library. —

Mark A. Marinella, MD, FACP Board Certified, Medical Oncology/Internal Medicine, 
President/Founder, Phytodense Foods, LLC, and author of Metronomic Phytonutrition:

An excellent, reader-friendly guide, The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil is highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review 

Academic, scientific, and enthusiastic, this book makes strong arguments for incorporating olive oil into your daily life. Alice Alech and Cécile Le Galliard’s well-researched The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil is an enthusiastic presentation of the story behind that bottle of olive oil in the cupboard—a more complex item than people might think. A wealth of practical information is given, from advice on what kinds of olive oil to use with different foods—including a number of delicious recipes—to what to look for on the label when choosing a bottle from the numerous choices at the store. Alech and Le Galliard show their passion for their subject with their enthusiastic tone and through the extensive research, they present, through both secondary sources and direct interviews with researchers. This book leans toward an academic summary of the history and production of olive oil and its positive effects on health, but it also contains much for those who simply want to learn more about incorporating olive oil into their daily diets.

Foreword Reviews 

The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil by Alice Alech and Cecile Le Galliard is an elegantly written book by two authors who are deeply knowledgeable about their subject and who clearly love their topic. The book covers all the widely known benefits of olive oil plus a few more. It takes the reader from the use of olives from Minoan Crete to the tables of fine, health-conscious dining of today, all infused with an understated but scholarly rendition, that draws the reader into the subconscious agreement with the authors’ authoritative and persuasive perspectives. 

The health benefits of olive oil are told lucidly, without medical hoopla or complicated exposition. Stronger bones; cancer prevention; higher brain function; natural anti-inflammatory properties; skin rejuvenation; cardiovascular benefits; and reduction of the risk of diabetes There are short sections on the roots of olive oil in Mediterranean history; understanding fats; and the production of olive
oil from olives. 

A bonus is a section on understanding the label and on buying Extra-Virgin olive oil. Another section deals with the different categories of olive oil and yet another offers the reader some suggestions on the use of olive oil in the kitchen. 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and if you are interested in any aspect of olive and olive oil—history, production, use, health benefits—you will too.

Tulsi Dyal Singh, MD

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