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Thursday, April 4, 2013

French Olive oil Directory

 Dedicated Olive oil blogger Cécile Le Galliard has come up with a wonderful scheme to unite olive oil enthusiasts and professionals in France.

 By creating an online olive oil directory, deciders in the olive oil business now have more choice in terms of price, quality and transparency. They can even access the latest technological advances in Le Guide de Huile d’Olive (Olive Oil Guide).

 Exchanging information is vital in the olive oil business. Olive oil producers, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and even those looking to start their own business are already consulting the free registering service.  The service will also benefit small and average sized producers who before had little chance of promoting and distributing their products.

Cécile said: “The olive oil market is still in the beginning stages in France. This could be  because of the French tradition of cooking with butter, that the French still consider olive oil to be a luxury product or quite simply because the choice is not there for potential customers, that the shelves are stocked with the well known Italian and Spanish brands. I believe it might be a combination of all these factors.”

Marketing olive oil

There is still more to be done in France in terms of communication, promotion and distribution.

“In France we consume 3 liters per family per year whereas in Spain they consume 13 liters per person for the same period. There is still so much to do,” Cécile  said.

 Cécile who started off her project by contacting the small producers is pleased with the response she’s been getting so far with her project.

 “Thirty professionals including producers and grocers are already listed in the guide and around ten others are the process of doing so. I hope to be collaborating soon with Afidol, the l’Interprofessionnelle de L’huile d’Olive in France and also to include a good many more French producers,” she enthused.

 The dedicated olive oil blog already includes market studies, promotion and up to date information on olive oil news but this ardent blogger plans to develop her site even more in 2013 with a map of France showing all the olive oil activities such as trading, shops, producers and restaurants. She will also include a space for adverts and e commerce for buying directly on line.




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