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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Olive Oil Tour of France

While the rest of the world is struggling with the flood of low quality olive oil, adulteration of extra virgin olive oil and rising prices, French producers are recognizing their Provencal heritage by developing their olive oil culture.

France is not included amongst the top seven olive oil producers of the world; it simply does not produce enough olive oil to compete with giant producers such as Spain and Italy.

Yet international oil experts recognize the extra virgin olive produced in France’s sunniest regions including the French island of Corsica as one of the best in the world.

What makes them different than their counterparts in other countries? An Olive Oil tour of France examines olive oil production in this country with stories of growers and producers using both traditional and modern methods to create the pale green nectar. It shows what has been achieved over the years, what remains to be done, and gives an insight into the growing olive oil culture in France today.

Since living in the South of France I found it natural to change my eating habits and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This took me straight to the wonderful discovery of olive oil, and with that I met some fascinating people: growers and producers who speak with passion, drawing me into their olive oil world as they relate their different stories, olive oil tasting experts who patiently explained what to look for when you sip and slurp, cooks who have discovered healthy and tasty extra virgin and finally those involved in sharing their knowledge, teaching and promoting olive oil in France.

It seemed right that it should all be documented, hence my decision to write An Olive Oil Tour of France.

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